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Sales Terms and Conditions

Please find enclosed our Sales Terms and Conditions 

General Terms and Conditons of Sales

A. Acceptance of Orders and Prices. Any order is subject to final acceptance by STARRFOREST Inc. ("COMPANY") and to the prices, terms, and conditions in effect at the time of delivery, which may be subject to change from time to time. COMPANY shall not be obliged to adhere to any conditions deemed incompatible unless a written agreement has been entered into for this purpose.

B. Delivery. Unless otherwise specified, products are sold at the COMPANY's establishment. In the absence of specific instructions, goods will be shipped by a means deemed appropriate by the COMPANY at the expense of the Customer. Unless otherwise agreed, the COMPANY reserves the right to deliver the goods sold to the Customer as they become available. Deliveries, for which the order is delayed at the Customer's request, will be subject to additional storage fees as well as any other incidental expenses incurred due to the delay.

C. Losses or Damages in Transit. Unless expressly indicated by the COMPANY in this regard, the COMPANY assumes no responsibility, including for losses, damages, or theft occurring during transportation, and the Customer assumes all risks associated with the transportation of the goods. Claims for compensation for such claims must be filed by the Customer with the carrier as soon as possible. The Customer undertakes to inspect the goods upon delivery and to sign all required bill of lading documents; failing which, the Customer will be deemed to have declared satisfaction with the goods and their condition.

D. Payment Terms. Subject to credit term agreement, and their continuance in effect, all sums are payable upon delivery "C.O.D." Payment terms for Customers with a credit line approved by the COMPANY are "NET 30 days" from the delivery date. Overdue accounts will incur interest at the monthly rate of 2%, or 26.8% per annum. If the Client's solvency is deemed unsatisfactory by the COMPANY, if there is a change in the Client's situation, or if the Client fails to comply with the payment terms set, the COMPANY may then, subject to its other rights, refuse any delivery without notice. The Client further acknowledges that if they have not complied with the sales and payment terms for any purchase from the COMPANY or with any conditions herein, the COMPANY may cancel or suspend the credit account for the future without notice.


E. Compensation. The Customer waives any withholding of payment or setoff, unless otherwise agreed in writing between the Customer and the COMPANY.

F. Return of Goods. The COMPANY does not offer any guarantee regarding the possibility of returning any merchandise. No special merchandise may be returned to the COMPANY. In the event that a return of goods is accepted by the COMPANY, at its sole discretion, all transportation, storage, and any other related return fees will be the responsibility of the Customer. Additionally, any return may be subject, at the discretion of the COMPANY, to an additional charge representing a percentage of the invoiced cost of the goods sold to the Customer. Returned goods must be in their original packaging, unopened, and in a condition deemed satisfactory by the COMPANY.

G. Cancellation before Delivery. The COMPANY does not offer any guarantee regarding the possibility of canceling an order of merchandise. Any cancellation of an order must be subject to prior approval by the COMPANY. In the event that the cancellation of an order of merchandise is accepted by the COMPANY, a minimum charge representing a percentage of the invoiced cost of said goods sold may be billed to the Customer, at the discretion of the COMPANY.

H. Warranty. The COMPANY does not offer any warranty regarding the goods sold to the Customer, except for the warranty that its products have been manufactured in accordance with the specifications of the COMPANY. Under this warranty, the COMPANY's liability is limited to replacing the product proven to be defective for the intended use according to the instructions and specifications of the COMPANY. Any warranty claim under this provision must be made to the Supplier within ten (10) days of receipt of the goods.

I. Reservation of Ownership. All goods from the COMPANY's establishment, present and future, sold by the COMPANY to the Customer, shall remain the sole and exclusive property of the COMPANY until full payment of all sums due to the COMPANY, including interest and fees payable by the Customer, whether invoiced or not.

J. Precedence. The Customer acknowledges that subject to express written indication by the COMPANY, these general terms and conditions of sale shall take precedence in the event of inconsistency with any other documentation, including any Customer's general terms and conditions, to the extent of such inconsistency.

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